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Proper Meds Disposal

Unlike other kinds of trash, you can’t just throw your meds in the garbage. There are guidelines that need to be followed when disposing of meds – most of them may be indicated in the package, packet or the box of the product.

Although it varies from one type to another, these are common guidelines in disposing unused, expired or damaged medicines:

  • There are pharmaceutical disposal companies that accept unused meds – one may be in your local community and you can contact them for instructions.
  • You can bring it to your local pharmacy and they can turn that over to proper agencies, companies or organizations who will safely dispose of your unwanted meds without harming the environment.
  • Take a look at the printed instructions that came with your meds or from the box. Some pills or meds can be disposed of by flushing them in the toilet.
  • If you include your meds (pills and tablets) in your household trash, try to crush them along with non-food material like dirt or kitty litter. Seal the crushed material in a bag before you throw them in the trash bin.
  • For pill bottles and labeled canisters, crush out any printed personal information – if you throw it away as is, it could risk your safety. Take note that your address, phone number and name are in the containers so best remove them before throwing them out.

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